Jessica Chastain believes skin care is about more than just the face.

Jessica Chastain looks after her skin

Jessica Chastain looks after her skin

The 47-year-old actress insisted her body is "just as important" and she always focuses on the areas that get exposed to the sun to try and prevent "wrinkles and age spots".

She told America's InStyle magazine: "After a hot bath, I do my face skin care, and then I apply the Phyto-Retinol body lotion. We spend so much time on our faces with retinol and all of these things, and we sometimes forget our necks, chests, and legs...

"Your body is just as important as your face. My grandmother taught me so much about skin care when I was younger, but no one ever talks about the skin on your chest or your hands even, which actually get so much sun exposure, so it's just as important to care for that as we're getting older.

"For me, any part of my body that's really in the sun I'll focus on to prevent wrinkles and age spots. It's very important to me, especially the arms, the chest, the legs, the neck, anything that can help me address the signs of aging."

The 'Eyes of Tammy Faye' star - who is the face of True Botanicals - is careful about the products she uses because her skin is very sensitive.

She said: "Being a redhead, I have very sensitive skin, so I prefer products that are really clean and that don't irritate the skin. So I love the Rescue Balm — it smells incredible.

"I don't use it in the bathroom; it's on my bedside table. At nighttime, I put it on my cuticles and I'll rub it on my feet right before I get into bed.

"Again, it's a moment of just resetting and calming myself down. But then what I can do is really lather it on.

"And then, when I'm feeling a little sexier, I'll do the Radiant Oil, which also just smells delicious."

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