Jonathan Van Ness wants people to embrace their hair's natural texture.

Jonathan Van Ness encourages people to embrace natural hair texture

Jonathan Van Ness encourages people to embrace natural hair texture

The 'Queer Eye' star launched his own haircare brand, JVN Hair, in 2022 and revealed it has made him understand the importance of staying true to your natural texture.

He told "It’s really funny, I knew how to style my client’s hair curly so much better than I knew how to style my own.

"On 'Queer Eye', I shied away from wearing my hair curly for the first few years, because if I had to redo a scene… Like in the interviews, if I needed to hit a pickup from a different thing, my curls always looked a bit different.

"When I started using more product, that allowed my hair to retain the shape and the form so much better. I think a lot of curly haired people are just not using enough product – and it also has to be on very wet hair. Really, really wet curls and a lot of product – that’s the key to achieving your best curls."

And, he insisted that summer is a good time to embrace your hair's true texture.

He explained: "The further away your desired style result is from your natural texture, it is harder. Then when you add heat and humidity into it, it’s even harder," he admits.

"So I think finding a way that you can embrace your natural texture – whatever your natural texture is – especially in summer, is going to be helpful.

It starts as an illusion. If you can give off a feeling of confidence – even if you’re not feeling confident – no one’s looking at your hair, unless you act all insecure about it. Just know you’re doing your best, I know you’re gorgeous – we are all beautiful."