Julianne Moore in Alexander McQueen at a screening of 'Still Alice'

Julianne Moore in Alexander McQueen at a screening of 'Still Alice'

Julianne Moore gets fashion advice from her 12-year-old daughter.

The 54-year-old actress admits she and husband Bart Freundlich's daughter Liv always likes to take a look at her outfits before letting her leave the house.

Speaking at the screening of her new film 'Still Alice' - where she walked the red carpet in a stunning ivory Alexander McQueen jumpsuit - Julianne shared: "She [my daughter] always has an opinion. She liked this. She saw me before I left. She's like, 'I like that mama, yeah!"

Meanwhile, the flame-haired beauty - who showed off her enviable figure in the classy get up - recently slammed juice cleanses as they failed to help her lose weight prior to an award ceremony.

She said at the time: "I did a juice cleanse for the Golden Globes one year. I think I did it for three days. To be honest, the only weight I lost was in my brain!"

Julianne - who also has 17-year-old son Caleb with Bart - now sticks to staying hydrated and following calm exercise regimes, which include activities such as yoga, to help her "let go".

She added: "Everyone says it, but I drink a lot of water. I also can really tell the next day when I eat too much sodium so I try to avoid it.

"I don't like noisy workouts. I tried spinning and didn't like it, it's just too loud for me.

"I do better when I am working out in quiet, which is why I like yoga. I especially like classes that don't have mirrors. It's a time to let go and let your body drop into itself."