Kate Hudson has urged people to "break the algorithm" with their fashion choices.

Kate Hudson has preached authenticity in fashion

Kate Hudson has preached authenticity in fashion

The 44-year-old actress wants "the younger generation" to embrace themselves through their style, and do so in a "very honest" way.

She told E! News: "Fashion is about individuality and expressing yourself in a very authentic way.

"And I encourage that for the younger generation. I like the idea of breaking the algorithm, not following the algorithm...

"I think that's where a real icon emerges from, those who are interested in doing what's very honest to them."

Kate has teamed up with Rakuten for the new 'Shoppers Get It' campaign, as she and two other models wear the same PatBO dress.

She explained: "The ad is so fun because it makes light of what happens when you go into an intimate space with women that you don't know and you connect over familiar fashion.

"I think one thing women are really good at is sharing our little secrets, our go-to's."

The 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' star has taken steps into the world of music after dropping her first ever single 'Talk About Love' last month, having co-wrote the track with her fiance Danny Fujikawa, and Linda Perry.

And, just like her outlook on fashion, Kate - who will drop her debut album later this year - was inspired by "taking risks" and being true to herself.

She said: "Do it because you love it, not because you're expecting some sort of validation — I just got that point.

"And I would say to the younger kids is, 'What moves you? What is the actual purpose of all this?'

"If it's seeking the outside, then you're going to get hurt. But if it's a drive, if it's a calling, keep going."

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