Lily James had a $3,000 facial to prep her skin for the Met Gala.

Lily James' radiant complexion secrets revealed

Lily James' radiant complexion secrets revealed

The 35-year-old actress - who looked angelic in a blooming black and white Erdem gown - was glowing as she rocked minimal makeup at the fundraising gala at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (06.05.24).

And celebrity facialist Ivan Pol, founder of The Beauty Sandwich, has revealed the secret to her radiant skin.

He told Forbes: "The main trend I'm seeing this Met Gala season is having the makeup become more natural-looking, and having the skin feel light, bright, and snatched.

"Having that natural glow from within starts with the right skincare."

The popular facial among celebrities also helps to snatch and lift the jawline.

He also cleanses toxic energy from the atmosphere with a $55 Smokeless Smudge spray and a mantra.

Explaining the process, he said: "I begin working with clients 72 hours before [an event] for [my signature] Beauty Sandwich treatment."

Pol continued: "Then I start every beauty sandwich with a mantra—'love, beauty, energy'—to really get good energy into the session. I also ground my clients by listening to Schumann Resonance."

On working with the 'Yesterday' star again, he added: "This was the second Met Gala that Lily James and I were working together. We've built such a great relationship.

"This time she wanted an extremely natural makeup look. That filter-skin look, and to look "snatural!""

One of the products he uses is the $175 Amuse Bouche face mist with hyaluronic acid, peony, sweet pea, and rose.

He said: "It's like the skin is drinking a glass of water every hour, or what I like to call it, getting IV fluid for your face. It is actually one of Lily's favorite products!"

Others include the SS01 Secret Sauce, costing a whopping $295, which helps "with flow in the skin, but also calms the mind and spirit."

Pol also uses radiofrequency and red-light therapy for skin tightening, circulation, inflammation, and collagen production.

He added: "The combination really allows for that snatched look and improves the skin's overall health and appearance."

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