Mahalia says eye cream was a game-changer in her skincare routine.



The 'Jealous' hitmaker has spilled the details of her entire beauty regime and admitted the eye product works wonders on her tired eyes.

She said: “I think the main thing I wished I knew about skincare sooner was eye cream.

“I always had really tired eyes. Then I started using eye cream and I just noticed that underneath my eyes really brightening up.”

The R&B star also insisted that drinking plenty of water and sticking to the same routine is how she achieves a "flawless" complexion.

In a video for In The Know, Mahalia said: “I think the key to flawless skin, firstly, is looking after it.

“It’s important to keep a regime and not change it too much. Also water. I think water is really important. When I am dehydrated for long periods of time, I definitely notice how my skin changes.”

The MOBO Award-winner also swears by Weleda Skin Food moisturiser

She said: “I found this a few months ago through my make-up artist, I could not believe how my skin felt after it. So this is incorporated into my day and night routine."

Meanwhile, Mahalia recently insisted artists are not allowed to be artists and "push boundaries" because of cancel culture.

The 'Simmer' singer admitted it can be "frustrating" constantly having to check that what she is saying in her lyrics or on social media won't offend anyone and potentially ruin her career.

The 22-year-old singer said: "Cancel culture is such a huge thing now – I really feel for artists. It's so easy to say the wrong thing.

"That is something always at the front of my mind now that I articulate my answers correctly and I speak from my heart.

"People are much too quick to cancel and that does bother me.

"There is no longer a space for artists to be artists and push the boundaries.

"Even writing my latest song 'Jealous' I was conscious people would think I was saying everyone is jealous of me. That is quite frustrating. We are so scared of offending or saying the wrong thing."