Kelsey Kaplan, a digital marketer and fashion lover based in San Francisco, California, says she’s been interested in the latest fashion trends ever since she was a young girl. "I was born with a passion for fashion," she says.

credit Kelsey Kaplan

credit Kelsey Kaplan

Kaplan obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Textile and Apparel Merchandising from Louisiana State University (LSU). Shortly after graduating, she found a job in the retail industry, but it didn't provide enough fulfillment for her. She wanted to become an inspiration to others and offer people style tips and advice on a larger scale.

As a result, Kaplan started her fashion blog, Kelsey Kaplan Fashion - a destination for fashion enthusiasts to find daily outfit ideas, fashion advice, and helpful life hacks. When she began Kelsey Kaplan Fashion, she says it was just a personal blog with a few followers. "I started my blog as a creative outlet where I could showcase my style, interests, and reviews," Kaplan says.

But before long, Kaplan’s blog became an influential website with not only fashion advice, but also an avenue for brands to showcase their goods and services through paid advertising. Kelsey Kaplan Fashion now boasts thousands of followers. Regardless of its size, Kaplan says “it will always be a person-based business, and evolve with my life experiences.” 

Kaplan relies on her visitors' feedback for growing her blog. "Unsolicited feedback from my audience is a very strong measure of customer satisfaction. I often use polls on Instagram to ask my followers questions. I can judge customer satisfaction through the sales generated by my affiliate links," she says.

When asked about her outfit inspirations, Kaplan says she finds ideas in everyday life, and places, she visits and frequents. "My daily experiences and stage in life inspire my choice in fashion. It can be something as simple as admiring a colorful piece of art. Sometimes I find inspiration in different patterns, textures, and fabrics in my home. Visiting a new place will almost always inspire my new outfits," she says.

Kaplan describes her style as anything but practical. "I will always choose the sequin-covered ruffle adorned top over a solid white t-shirt," she says. She also loves pairing colorful pieces together and coming up with unique outfit combinations, "I enjoy mixing unexpected garments together to create what I consider a fashion masterpiece!"

Kaplan believes confidence is the best accessory a woman can wear. "When people compliment my outfits and then remark that they could never pull off an outfit like mine, I want to shout, you too can wear whatever you want as long as you do it with confidence!" she says.

In the near future, Kaplan plans to continue inspiring by creating outfits, and launch a new vertical to promote items for moms and babies. "I am now accepting proposals for collaborations and activations in the "mommy blogger" space. I look forward to reviewing and testing the latest and greatest in baby gear. Current partnerships and upcoming collaborations include: Stokke, Baby BJorn, and Happ," Kaplan says.

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