Sabrina Carpenter's signature fringe is the result of a breakup.

Sabrina Carpenter chose to have a fringe put in when she had her heart broken

Sabrina Carpenter chose to have a fringe put in when she had her heart broken

The 25-year-old pop singer is known for sporting wavy blonde bangs over her forehead and revealed that the whole look came out of her urge to "do something" with her looks when she suffered "real heartbreak" for the first time.

She told Vanity Fair: "I literally cut my bangs 'cause someone broke my heart and I was just like, 'I have to do something. I'm not usually one of those people that has to make rash decisions when their feelings are hurt but that was my first real heartbreak and so I guess it just sparked that initial like, 'I have to do something different."

The 'Please Please Please' songstress - who started out on Disney Channel more than a decade ago and has released a string of albums since but is now receiving worldwide claim following the release of her summer smash hit 'Espresso' - once dyed her hair brunette for her role in the 2019 film 'The Short History of the Long Road' but explained that she was "never wanted" to change her colour because she is happy with her natural tones.

She said: "I never wanted to dye my hair because I always felt comfortable as, you know, blonde, the way I was born!"

Sabrina also noted that she is aware she has "no control" over the way people perceive her and that she has to constantly remind herself of that on a daily basis.

She said: "I think, for me, right now, you aren't ever going to really fully control the way that people see you. That is something I have to re-accept every day. I'm at a point now where I'm just trying to not take it so seriously. The things that people say, I know that these people have very little context on me as an actual person so that makes me feel a little bit better."