Christina Ricci "horrifies" her husband by cutting her own hair.

Christina Ricci cuts her own hair

Christina Ricci cuts her own hair

The 'Yellowjackets' actress has "zero patience" and isn't very organised when it comes to booking appointments, so she'll often change her tresses herself, even though her spouse, hairstylist Mark Hampton is happy to do it for her.

She told “The thing is, I have zero patience, and I’m also not very good at planning ahead. That means I’m a person who doesn’t book hair appointments in advance.

"So yeah, I’ve been known to cut my own hair and colour my own hair.

"Of course this horrifies my husband, who is a hairdresser. But even now, he’ll cut my hair, but I’ll trim my own bangs and stuff. I do it when he’s not around.

"It’s because I have zero patience and I hate to sit in a place and have things done to me for hours.”

But while she is happy to cut and colour her own hair, the 44-year-old actress admitted she has limited skills when it comes to styling her locks.

She laughed: “So here’s the thing about me that’s also really interesting and I was made fun of several times by roommates in my 20s: I can’t do anything to my hair except blow out my bangs and flat iron my hair once it’s dry. That’s it. That’s all I can do. I have zero hand-eye coordination.

"I’ve used the same little blowdryer for years—it was like $3 from CVS and my husband thinks it’s hysterical. And when it breaks, I’m gonna be really sad.

"Same with my flat iron—it was also $3 from CVS years ago.

"And when all else fails, I just wash my bangs and put my hair into a bun, and that’s really my go-to. That’s why I love bangs. You can just wash them, put the rest up, and you’re done.”

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