Victoria Beckham is excited to bring her fashion "aesthetic" to the high street.

Victoria Beckham is launching a collection with Mango

Victoria Beckham is launching a collection with Mango

The Spice Girls star-turned-fashion designer is taking her first step into lower cost clothing by launching a collection with Mango and she says she's thrilled to be able to share her work with a whole new section of the market.

She told The Sunday Times newspaper: "I have a strong aesthetic I know people can relate to. I see this as an opportunity to bring what I do to a new community."

Victoria went on to insist she's hoping to bring high-end tailoring to the high street, adding: "It’s always about what I want to wear and this collection is no different. I always put myself into the clothes I design. I think tailoring is probably where the high street finds it a little bit more difficult to compete with higher-end brands."

One of her Mango products is a black tuxedo jacket priced at £215 which Victoria hopes will become a wardrobe staple and last for years to come.

She added: "I really wanted to focus on making [a tailored jacket] for this collection that could stand the test of time."

Victoria went on to gush about her love for the UK high street: "For me, growing up, it was only ever the high street. I wasn’t in a position to wear designer clothes, my mum never wore designer clothes.

"Whether I was shopping or looking for inspiration, that is where we went."

The collection also includes a raffia bag for £170, sandals for £120 and a cream waistcoat with a price tag of £140. It launches in store and online on Tuesday (23.04.24).

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