Victoria Beckham saves Sunday mornings for a beauty "pamper session".

Victoria Beckham treats her skin on Sunday mornings

Victoria Beckham treats her skin on Sunday mornings

The Spice Girls star has revealed she devotes one morning a week to stepping up her skincare by treating herself to a face mask, which is followed by a cleanse and then a session with her LED mask.

She shared her weekly ritual in a post on Instagram, writing: " On a Sunday morning, I try and find time for a pamper session ... "

Victoria then explained more in a video, which showed her addressing the camera with her face mask on. She said: "So what I like to do once a week is really take the time to treat my skin.

"So what I've done this morning is I've started by putting on a face mask. I normally like to leave these masks on for about 45 minutes [to] an hour. They're not too harsh. Just very cleansing and nourishing. Feel really nice on the skin so you can leave this particular mask on for quite some time. I like to keep it on and then really spend the time on cleansing my skin."

Victoria then insisted that everyone is busy, but it's good to try to find the time to treat yourself. She added: "It's so important when you have the time to use that time in a really efficient way. And spending time on yourself is so important and I'm not underestimating how difficult that is.

"We are all so busy, we have so much to do. But when you can spare the time, spare the time to do a simple mask, nothing too harsh, cleanse, red light. Treat your skin ahead of a super busy week ahead."

Victoria revealed she uses two cleansers from her own beauty range as well as serum and moisturiser by Augustinus Bader.

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