Zendaya has been hailed for fuelling Hollywood’s “method dressing” phenomenon.

Zendaya has been hailed for fuelling Hollywood’s ‘method dressing’ phenomenon

Zendaya has been hailed for fuelling Hollywood’s ‘method dressing’ phenomenon

The 27-year-old actress is on the big screen in ‘Challengers’ playing tennis coach Tashi Duncan, who gets caught up in a love triangle with her tennis playing partner and ex, and has been promoting the movie by wearing a string of sports-themed outfits at its red carpet showings – including a pair of high heels that featured tennis balls impaled on their spikes and a party dress patterned with rackets.

Fashion journalist Chloe Burney has now said “dressing in character mode on the red carpet isn’t just an homage to actors’ recently completed projects, but is also injecting heaps of fun”.

She added to the BBC she “wouldn’t typically gravitate” towards seeing ‘Challengers’, but Zendaya’s “tennis-themed looks have got us all talking”.

A string of other stars have been indulging in “method dressing” – meaning film roles are matched to real-life red carpet outfits.

Zendaya has told the BBC about joining the trend with her tennis-themed outfits: “Fashion is something I’ve always used as an outlet, a tool – ultimately, I think I am a more shy person so it allows for me to create this persona, this character that I get to live in for the day.

“We get so lucky to be part of films with such rich references anyway, so might as well pull from that.”

But the actress said she first started method dressing after starring in 2017’s ‘The Greatest Showman’ and was “inspired” by the film.

Zendaya has also created a string of film-themed looks with her stylist Law Roach for films including ‘Dune 2’ and ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’.

Law, who has worked with the star for years, has said about her ‘Dune 2’ red carpet looks, which referenced the sci-fi’s armour costumes, has told Vogue: “I always try to be a storyteller more than anything else, and this is such a strong story to tell.

“The looks served as an extension of the wardrobe from the movie. It was intentional and purposeful.”

Margot Robbie, 33, and Ryan Gosling, 43, earlier this year sported a string of pink outfits on red carpets to promote their film ‘Barbie’.