Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is the latest designer to take inspiration from the 1980s as his latest collection for Louis Vuitton channels retro designer Stephen Sprouse Elle reports.

Sprouse was one of the eighties hottest designers, famed for his use of graffiti and day-glo colours. His combination of sixties pop and seventies punk had everyone wanting more and he designed for some of the decades biggest names, including Debbie Harry, Duran Duran and Billy Idol.

He unfortunately died of lung cancer in 2004 and 2009 will see three tributes to his life. On January 8th the Stephen Sprouse retrospective opens at Deitch Projects in New York, February sees the release of 'The Stephen Sprouse Book', a new biography of the designer, and on January 9th Louis Vuitton is set to launch a new capsule collection designed by Marc Jacobs in homage to the designer.

Marc Jacobs worked with Sprouse in 2001 when the pair teamed up to create a range of graffiti patterned bags which put him firmly back on the fashion radar.

Graffiti and day-glo colours will be heavily featured in the line which is said to be a mix of high end fashion and urban street culture.

There will be leggings emblazoned with neon writing, high top trainers with gold Velcro straps plus of course the graffiti bags.