The three steps to own it in the gym; going with your buddy, listening to the right playlist and sweating it out in a set of workout apparel that makes you feel good.

Photo: PUMA

Photo: PUMA

If you’re new to working out, the whole process of getting yourself into that gym and onto the treadmill can be very daunting; from picking out what the best gym wear is to feel comfortable and supported, to coming up with a routine which is suited to you.

We’re always trying and testing products here to see what works for us, and how it might work for you too.

Today we’re raving about the new Puma collection Jaab XT.

I ran a steady 5k on the treadmill, did a spin class and HIIT class wearing the Jaab XT Women’s Training trainers (definitely not consectuively - I'm not wonder woman) but I have nothing negative to report. Apart from the fact my laces came undone mid-run - which sadly is completely down to me and I can’t blame anyone else for my poor shoelace tying skills - everything about this athleisure was fantastic. Note to self: must master basic knot expertise.  

Seriously though, I haven’t found a better pair of trainers for cardio work. The trainer features a slip-on construction, rubber outsole for grip, lace closure, and a ProFoam midsole which delivers high-level rebound and response. And that’s just some of the practical advantages this trainer has to offer.

They’re also super stylish. Coming in colours white, pink, grey or black, whatever shade you need to match your attire - there is something. Plastered in PUMA branding, (wordmark is in on the heel, lateral side and logo on the tongue) you would assume that these kicks are quite pricey. They’re surprisingly affordable, though. At £65.00, I can’t argue. They did everything I wanted and more. Countless times I have excitedly anticipated the arrival of a new pair of trainers and been disappointed with how uncomfortable they are, or found that after a few wears the begin to rub. But because of the woven webbing and ProFoam midsole, these are engineered the remain comfortable and secure throughout the entire workout, no matter how hard you go.

I also tried the sports bra, workout vest and leggings. Matching head to toe is an empowering feeling. It’s definitely true, when you feel good you work harder!

The bra was supportive and lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like you can’t move - a necessity when you’re doing an intense workout. The figure-hugging pants were equally as comfortable and complimentary, and though they are tight-fit I felt free and flexible. The workout vest was my favourite piece of apparel, which I particularly recommend - the super soft material is lightweight and the baggy fit kept me cool even when I was in a sweat.

So whether you’re a first-timer or you’ve been hitting the gym for a while, I would definitely advise this collection to anyone who is looking for something to spruce up their athleisure wardrobe.

Check out the trainers online and see for yourself just how aesthetically pleasing they are - I promise they’re as comfy as they look!

You can view the trainers on site by click on this link.

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