Want to bring the drama? Or maybe you prefer a more subtle effect? Whatever takes your fancy it is time to talk about sunglasses. Now it may seem odd given the unpredictable British climate but spring is soon to bloom and it is the perfect time to update your collection. So even if the weather is looking a little dismal here are the five key sunnies that will be showing up this spring. 

Image courtesy of Fionnuala McNulty

Image courtesy of Fionnuala McNulty

Classic Aviators

Originally designed for U.S aviators in 1937 (you guessed it, that’s where the name comes from) they have now become a timeless piece for your collection. The aviator sunglasses have a rounded larger lens and sleek design; it is a look which has not gone out of fashion since Ray Bans released and branded them. The banding which connects the two lenses at the top across the brow line and  has remained a feature that is not to be tampered with and is why this style is so iconic. With the fashion world always developing there are variations of the classic design, some have replaced the rounded shape which has always been popular to a hexagonal shape to keep up with trends and remain exciting. 


Most popular in the 1950s and 1960s the cat eye style sunglasses have made a comeback this year. Worn by Hollywood's most glamorous and elegant ladies such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, it is a wonder they have not made a comeback sooner. Giving a retro but chic look they tend to be the most flattering and feminine shaped sunglasses. With the upswing on the outer corners of the browline it draws attention to the eye giving them an almond shaped appearance. I personally find these the most flattering style of glasses as they just radiate an element of chicness to any look. 

The bigger the better 

After a year of staying at home it's only right that it is time to go big with everything especially your sunnies. So why not opt for oversized, whilst also being a fashion statement one of the main benefits being that they do shield most of the face from the sun so there is more protection and a lot less skin damage to the face. This style of sunglasses is best when paired with a suit or maxi dress for an empowered look that will have you looking like a boss b*tch whether you’re at work or not. 


This might be the smallest pair of sunglasses you will own and you could argue not the most practical however they are sleek and stylish. They have a nod to 90’s fashion and are loved by supermodels and celebrities just to name a few, the minimal rectangular and small rounded  design makes them the easiest to style by far and give an air of sophistication to any outfit. Designers have refreshed the market of rectangular and rounded shades by adding textures and pops of colour to show a distinction between now and the 90s take. These sunnies are best when they are worn further down the nose gives them that extra edge and frames the face. 


These probably are not the most protective pair of sunglasses however they are a way to add that splash of colour to an outfit, compared to the usual blacked out shades that can be heavy on the face. Clear lenses have been in fashion since last summer and it seems we are going for round two, the transparency opens up the face more than other sunglasses do and draws attention to the eyes. The range of colour is said to be mood boosting as they add a happy pop of colour and really stand out amongst the crowd. 

To shop these styles here are some of the most popular brands and designers to check out so you are fully kitted out this spring:

ASOS, PLT, ZARA, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, Prada, Chanel, Missguided, Bottega and H&M just to name a few. I would recommend splashing out on one timeless designer pair and then going for budget friendly high street brands to keep up with trends. Happy shopping!

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