Now that summer is edging nearer and the chance of a holiday may still be possible, what better time to start shopping for a new swimming costume or bikini? Even if you don’t have any holidays planned this year you can add these to your collection for sunbathing in your garden. There is copious amounts of swimwear on the market so it can be a minefield when it comes to choosing them, so I have gathered the most popular trends for this Summer to help make your choice a little easier.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay


It is the return of extra bright and bold colours this season that will catch the attention of everybody- get ready to leave those dull colours behind. Light up the beach by sporting fluorescent yellow, electric blue, hot pink, vibrant orange and purple there is no colour that is exempt. Why not choose a high leg bikini or a square cut costume for a nod to the 90s?


Bring the hues of the ocean to your back garden this Summer by sporting whites, soft blues and any other mermaid like colours you can find. Mix these colours on with the texture and patterns of metallics, ombré and nature. To style these cool tones, accessorise with white cover ups and rose tinted sunglasses. It will feel as if you’ve jumped into the sea, with the benefit of not getting your hair wet.


What may seem a distant trend from last year, tie-dye is still well and truly in fashion and is a great way to get creative with DIY. Instead of opting for dusty pinks, navy or grey- intensify these colours and add brighter hues of yellow, green and pink for a vibrant swimwear look. You can pair tie-dyed swimming costumes with a matching head scarf for a well rounded look. To style a tie-dyed bikini, tie a sarong around the waist for a cinched look, add wedges and a pair of sunglasses to complete. 


Style yourself in these gentle and soothing tones this summer as it is all about being at peace and feeling calm. This trend was predicted in September 2020 as after such a hard year we need soft lines, soft silhouettes and soft hues. So what better way to relax around the pool than in light pastel coloured swimwear? To style a pastel coloured swimming costume opt for a scoop neck or back design, add soft flip flops and a head scarf for a delicate look. To style a pastel bikini add a flowing shirt, lightweight sunglasses and thin sliders for a comfortable look.  


Flowers signify new beginnings and hope which is more than needed after 2020 so no wonder it is one of 2021’s biggest trends. From floral dresses to floral scarves it was only a matter of time until designers put florals all over swimwear. With regards to the patterns of flowers- try choosing ones which are harmonious with nature themes and are bold enough to make you stop and stare. When choosing a swimming costume, go for a one shoulder or halter neck design, add minimal accessories as this will help to emphasise the florals. To style a bikini, pair chunky wedges and rectangular shaped sunglasses to add an extra edge to your look. 


This is one trend which is seen across the board in the fashion world. From dresses to tops to trousers and now swimwear there seems to be no material designers will not take a chunk out of. The cut out style helps to emphasise your physique and features in a bold way. It can seem daring as swimwear does not cover everything however you can style a cut out swimming costume with a flowing shirt to draw attention away from the gaps. For a bikini, the cut outs will usually be in the top half so make sure it is comfortable and secure, then style with thin sunglasses and a large floppy sun hat for a 90s look. 


This trend is all about the detail whether that be in little fringes on the seams or throwback halter necklines. Release the retro within and give a nod to the 60/70s with neural and earthy colours. Opt for swimming costumes with lots of ruching on the sides and string which can be tied differently each time you wear them. For a bikini be a ‘free spirit’ by choosing tassels and belt details.

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