“It’s summertime and the weather is fine,” umm not always as we well know in the UK, a rainy humid day does nothing for our moods, or hair for that matter! Turning it into a frizz ball, so remember to step up your hair care especially when travelling to warmer climates. I have recently been using blow dry cream 72 to restore moisture and protect from the heat, then during the day massaging in Nashi Oil with argan is working a miracle, softening, nourishing and adding shine to my hair and taking out the frizz, any good argan oil shampoo and conditioner will help, keep a small spray of argan in your beach bag to tame the dry ends.

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

On the other hand a rainy humid day not only feeds the plants and trees, it can also be great for the skin. The higher the humidity level the better, as skin can take moisture from the environment, but you will still need a moisture cream at night!

If you suffer with dry skin or eczema you will notice a marked improvement, perspiring helps clear out the pores and wash away toxins, but it’s a double edged sword as also lets in dirt so be sure to cleanse morning and night to get rid of the debris.

A facial wash can be very refreshing my fav is Perricone MD gentle cleanser. Then give your skin a swoop as the sun goes down with Skin Matrix HD Micellar wipes which reduce all traces of make-up and dirt, especially formulated with liquorice root and chamomile to clean and soothe stressed out skin.

Whatever you are doing or wherever you are going use an SPF never below 50, you will still tan with less chance of burning! The damage is done in our early years and unless you have exceptionally good genes wrinkles will appear, sun spots and early ageing. Protect your skin before you go out and top up every couple of hours during the day. I recently discovered Roche-Posay Anthehlos 60, it’s a light spray and doesn’t leave a thick white layer. I found in Duty Free (3 for 2) Biotherm Brume Solaire Hydratante ultra fresh face mist 50 protection lovely to use for refreshing up skin on the beach.

There’s nothing worse than streaked makeup on a hot day, try to go skin naked as makeup will block the pores, but if you must whatever you use make sure it’s got an SPF try Haute Protection compact foundation high protection 50.

Feed your skin from the inside:

  • Blueberries are rich in antioxidants.
  • Watermelon contains Lycopene which absorbs both UVA and UVB radiation (not a substitute for sun lotion, but it does give a helping hand).
  • Cauliflower (extra yummy when grilled) contain powerful antioxidants and histidine that stimulates the production of urocanic acid, which absorbs UV radiation.
  • Graze on plenty of nuts and seeds; they are full of Omega-3s and can be anti-inflammatory.
  • Nibble on carrots! A great mid-morning snack! Our bodies convert beta carotene into Vit A to help against wrinkles. Or, you can throw them into a NutriBullet (dishwasher-friendly) with a handful of leafy greens, before whizzing them together for a tasty smoothie. Oh and whilst we are taking about green, research has shown that green tea will help reduce skin damage due to the presence of flavanol!
  • Last and not least buy a good scrub to use at night, the neck and decolletage is a trap for excess oils and, if you use perfume in the heat, this can stain the skin in this area! Liz Earl Gentle Face Exfoliator works a treat.


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