Advice from mums, ranging from empowering life lessons, to fashion and beauty tips, still comes top according to a recent poll commissioned by centre:mk, which revealed adults under 45 believe children are more likely to get advice from their mum, compared to bloggers and influencers.

Mum's advice lasts a life time!

Mum's advice lasts a life time!

66% declared ongoing gratitude for their mother’s advice throughout their lives.  

The results show that much of this advice is passed down from generations of mums, with 65% of adults adding that they have passed their own mother’s advice onto their children.

The survey revealed that the mother/daughter advisory role is reciprocal, with two in five of female respondents stating that fashion and beauty advice between mother and daughter is a two way stream.

Finance, career, relationships, friendship, health and cooking were amongst the other key areas respondents said they went to their mum for advice for.

Mums confirmed that children’s advice is frequently offered up for computer skills, as well as broader life lessons advice prompting them “to treat themselves” and “try new things”.  

The research was commissioned by centre:mk to launch its ‘Life Lessons From Mum’ campaign, (,  including a competition which champions and casts a spotlight on some of the best advice from the mother figure in our lives. The winner will win a luxury Mother’s Day hamper.

Kim Priest, Head of Marketing at centre:mk, which is a British Fashion Council Patron, said: “It’s fantastic to see that mums are holding strong as our No.1 influencer. Ahead of Mother’s Day, we are delighted to celebrate life lessons from mums - encompassing self-belief, life skills, and fashion and beauty tips. Handed down from generations of mothers, these life lessons still appear as enduring and relevant as ever.”

Mums’ ‘Life Lessons’ most referenced by the 2000 respondents included:

  •         Always try your best (36%)
  •         Treat others as you would like to be treated (31%)
  •         If you don’t ask, you don’t get (26%)
  •         Don’t worry about what others think (25%)
  •         There’s no such thing as ‘can’t’ (23%)
  •         Never give up (22%)
  •         Believe in yourself (22%)
  •         Do what makes you happy (21%)
  •         It’s what’s inside that counts (20%)

Mums’ fashion and beauty tips most referenced included:           

  •         Drink lots of water (36%)
  •         Beauty comes from within (36%)
  •         Wear what you feel comfortable in (31%)
  •         Always wear sunscreen (25%)
  •         Moisturise daily (23%)
  •         Invest in a good bra (22%)
  •         Always take your make-up off before bed (20%)
  •         Don’t compare your style to others (20%)
  •         Embrace your shape (19%)

Whilst most of mums’ advice is valued, female respondents said that ‘let the man pay on the first date’ is today considered the most old fashioned (43%).

Kim Priest continues: “Our ‘Life Lessons From Mum’ campaign and competition is a celebration of all mums. With over 190 retailers and thousands of brands, we look forward to seeing mums with their children enjoying some quality time together at centre:mk over the special Mother’s Day weekend. We are confident mums’ life lessons will continue to be passed down for years to come.”