The new Lexus UX 250h is a standout, with its distinctive front grille, sharp creases all across its exterior and the rear lights that stretch right across the width of the boot lid as it demands attention despite its smaller size.

Lexus UX 250h

Lexus UX 250h

The cabin of the UX 250h is so ergonomically well designed ,with a dash that wraps around the driver giving easy access to all the controls while at same time cleverly giving the passengers into their own personal space – so clever.

It is not the highest riding UX either but it is perfect for the urban environment that it is designed to dominate.

Smart wrap around dash
Smart wrap around dash

This latest version of the UX 250h has a more minimalist interior than earlier models. Most of the functions previously controlled by an array of buttons and dials have been moved into the new, widescreen touchscreen infotainment system making them really effortless to use, particularly when driving.

Negotiating Berlins Brandenburg Gate
Negotiating Berlins Brandenburg Gate

You sit relatively low in the Lexus UX,  Lexus seats are extremely  comfortable and coupled with a decent range of adjustments in the driver’s seat and steering wheel you can get the perfect seating position.

In the back. There are three seats but, in reality, the Lexus UX 250h is better as a four-seater than a five-seater because there is a hump in the floor that restricts space for your legs, but I would say that due to the comfort of the UX 250h’s seating five can be accommodated.

The rear armrest folds down to reveal a couple of cupholders and the bin in the centre console is a decent size. There is a decent sized boot and the rear seats fold down to give more luggage space for longer trips.

The UX 250h has a 2.0-litre petrol engine and an electric motor for a combined power output of 184hp. It comes with a CVT automatic gearbox.

Around town, it’s easy to drive and manoeuvrable with good all-round vision. The Parking Support Alert makes slotting into a space a dream. On the faster roads the car is very quiet, you only hear the engine when you accelerate hard.

Fuel economy is pretty good for this type of car, with official figures showing that up to 53mpg is possible.

In conclusion

The new Lexus UX 250h is an absolute dream to drive, while cocooned in outstanding comfort it is perfect for getting around the city, easy to manoeuvre around city traffic and a doddle to park. When you get out on the open road it quiet to drive, very responsive, and effortlessly evens out the roughest of potholes. The 250h really lives up to the hype – a great luxury urban SUV that stands out from the competition

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