What better place to test drive the new Lexus UX 250h than Berlin, I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Global launch of this stunning looking SUV, perfect for city, town, and country driving.

Lexus UX 250h

Lexus UX 250h

On arrival in Berlin, we were met at the airport and taken off to the Cinema Delphilux which opened up at the beginning of the 20th century and has now been awarded as one of the best cinemas, and what a great location, right in the centre.

On arrival we were to be introduced to the new Lexus UX 250h we also were to hear a presentation on this exciting new car in the Lexus range.

Following the presentation, outside of the Cinema we picked up our cars. Then with the sat nav sorted to take us to our afternoon of activity we drove for about 40 minutes or there abouts around the busy roads giving us a great feel for what the car can do, and how it handles in the hustle and bustle of Berlin I’m glad I was driving second as my friend knew the city well and driven around there before.

My choice of activity was Kite surfing on the old Berlin airport at Tempelhofer Feld, it’s a must see if you ever get the opportunity to visit, steeped in history of the cold war it even has an underground city right underneath the airport itself, a full hospital ,school and shops they even allow guided tours I believe - it's incredible.

The airport fields and landing strip have been opened for local residents for recreation purposes where they can exercise their dogs as well as walk and jog. There is also a playground for the kids with lots of guys kitesurfing on skateboards up and down the old runway, they made it look so easy. I had great fun but unfortunately not enough wind to keep mine up, but it was great to watch the professionals.

After a walk back to the car we were off to our next destination I drove there again it was about a 40 min journey. I found the car very easy to drive it is very spacious inside; even though this is classed as one of Lexus's smaller cars. I found it very comfortable, and I had plenty of room.  The dashboard was very clean the controls easy to use and the infotainment touch screen and sat nav very easy to use. The console seems to curve around the driver to give the front seat passenger even more space. 

The UX with a tape grill
The UX with a tape grill

On arrival we took part in an arts and crafts session with tape - yes people actually do this and some of the pictures we saw, you would never have thought they had been made with rolls of tape as they looked more like photographs. It was really interesting, each couple where given a canvas to put their own-coloured tape on, and when we all put our pictures together it formed the front grill of the car, great fun. 

After a lovely evening meal, it was back to the hotel 25Hours Monkey bar, for a night cap before going to bed. The hotel was very quirky with its bare concrete interiors it is very modern.  When I went for breakfast the following morning, I couldn’t believe the view. It overlooks Berlin Zoo, so no wonder the bar I was in was last night was called the Monkey bar. You can see the Orangutans and chimpanzees climbing and swinging around literally just meters away from where I was sitting.

Setting off on our next journey we left the hotel around 8.30 heading to The Teufelsberg, 35 minutes’ drive away. Known as the listening towers this old communication tower is a relic from the Cold War.  The tower had a strange feel to it, being so high up just listening to the eerie sounds of the wind blowing around the empty buildings.  The area has now been taken over by artists and is one of the largest street art galleries in the world , with views from the roof top that can only be described as spectacular.

After this we drove to have lunch, and during the drive we did a bit of a detour to see the Brandenburg Gate and Hitlers bunker, which is now a car park -but at least I can say I have seen it. There are other places I would have liked to have visited such as ‘Check Point Charlie’ and the ‘Berlin Wall’ but due to time constraints was unable to do so.  I wish that I had been able to have stayed longer because to get to see Berlin properly you would definitely need to visit for a couple of days or more, a great city lots to see and plenty to do.

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