With forecasters predicting the UK set to experience ‘frequent and widespread heavy snowfalls  across many parts of the UK and Ireland, with below-average temperatures for the winter of 2011-12 as a whole’.

Motoring on Female First

Motoring on Female First

So as frost and snowspreads across the country, now is the ideal time to master safe driving skills with the Mercedes-Benz Winter Driving Course, before the hazardous weather really hits Britain’s roads.

But for those who have left it too late we have asked the guys from Mercedes to give our readers some tips to help us drive safely through this current winter weather spell.

The experts at the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy have issued some Top Tips for driving on snow and ice…  

Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, top tips for safe driving this winter:

•Beware of hazards – Black ice, inconsistent grip, snow concealing road markings, increased stopping distance and pedestrians slipping over are just some of the extra hazards you face when driving in cold conditions

•Keep in control – Get a feel for the road conditions, anticipate slippery areas and break well in advance because stopping distance is 10 x longer than in normal conditions

•Check your tyres – Ensure your tyres have at least 3mm tread and consider switching to specialist Cold Weather tyres which are engineered to deliver superior traction and improved stopping distance in rain, ice and snow

•Plan your journey– Consider your route, major roads are more likely to have been gritted so avoid shortcuts in the cold weather

•Be prepared – Make sure your car is stocked with essential equipment in case of difficulty, such as a spade, blankets, tow ropes, food and drink and a mobile phone charger.

The Winter Driving Course offers an invaluable driving experience on the specialist low-grip track surfaces at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge. These facilities replicate the hard-to-handle slippery driving conditions encountered during the winter months, giving individuals the rare chance to experience the sensation of driving on black ice and snow, whilst in a safe and controlled environment. During the one-hour Winter Driving Course, drivers are also given practical advice ensuring they understand how their actions can cause the car to lose control and learn how to prevent accidents happening in the first place.  With expert one-on-one guidance from a qualified Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy Coach, both new-to-the-road and more experienced drivers can practice how to safely control a car in hazardous conditions.

Nick Saunders, Mercedes-Benz road safety expert explains: ‘The snow and icy weather seriously impacts driving conditions, so it is absolutely essential that all drivers are prepared for driving on wintry roads. At the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy we simulate these hazardous conditions within the safety of Mercedes-Benz World’s unique track facilities. This gives drivers the valuable opportunity to experience and practice real life skid situations and importantly how to avoid dangers altogether’.

The Winter Driving Course is firmly supported by local safety authorities. Simon Moore, Assistant Chief Fire Officer explains why Surrey Fire and Rescue backs the Mercedes-Benz Academy course: “Winter conditions can vastly increase the likelihood and severity of accidents on our roads. We fully support any initiative that helps drivers of all abilities develop skills to safely deal with hazardous conditions. In a proactive attempt to help decrease road traffic accidents during the colder months, Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy provides such an initiative in the form of their black ice facility which enables drivers to equip themselves with key skills while under the supervision of experts.”

Running from 14th November, The Winter Driving Course is only £99.Gift vouchers are also available, making this the perfect present for loved ones, ensuring they are safer on the roads this winter.

For more information or to book a Mercedes-Benz Winter Driving course, call 0845 123 0055 or visit    www.mbdrivingacademy.com

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