Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

When casting romantic leads for a film it’s key to have the right chemistry. Sometimes, that chemistry is so realistic, it transforms from an amazing performance to a real life relationship!
Dream House tells the tale of successful publisher Will Attenton (Daniel Craig) quits a high-power job in Manhattan to relocate his wife, Libby (Rachel Weisz), and two girls to a quaint New England town.

To celebrate the release of Dream House on November 25th, and its newlywed stars in real life, we’ve taken a look at some other celebrity couples who met on set.

- Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

It’s clear from the film that there is more than just impeccable British acting afoot! Daniel and Rachel began dating whilst filming Dream House, and married earlier this year.

- Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

There was much speculation as to whether there was more than met the eye in the first film popular Twilight (2008), and by the time New Moon (2009) and Eclipse (2010) had wrapped, it was clear to see that young love had blossomed between this real life Bella and Edward, Kristen and Robert.

- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Controversy around the situation surrounding when they began dating aside (and to whether it was before or after Brad’s divorce), five years after the release of Mr and Mrs Smith (2007) this couple are still going strong.

- Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams met on the set of Brokeback Mountain (2005) and romance blossomed. They had a daughter, Matilda Rose, in 2005, but sadly broke up in 2007.

After Heath’s death in 2008, Michelle said although they weren’t together, she was heartbroken by his death.

- Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

It was clear to see that the fiery relationship between Javier and Penelope was more than skin deep in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008).

Having starred together in the early 90’s, these two were reunited, married, and Penelope has now given birth to their first child!

- Anna Paquin and Steven Moyer

Another love story between an on screen vampire and mortal woman blossomed into reality and marriage on the set of True Blood (2008 -).

Sookie, a telepathic waitress, finds comfort with 173 year old vampire Bill, as she is unable to hear his thoughts. The on screen chemistry become real life romance, as Anna become Mrs. Moyer in 2010.

-Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

After meeting  and falling in love on the set of Days of Thunder (1990), Tom and Nicole appeared in two other films together, Far and Away (1992), and Eyes Wide Shut (1999).

They adopted two children before they divorced in 2001. Both are now happily married, Tom to Katie Holmes, and Nicole to country singer Keith Urban.

Dream House is released in cinemas on November 25th.

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