If you told Mark Wahlberg ten years ago that he’d be playing on-screen best buddies with a sex-obsessed and foul-mouthed cuddy teddy bear, his first reaction would’ve been to make some sort of obscene retaliation.

Venturing into his first CGI animated film, Mark has quickly become a memorable half of one of the most unlikely friendships in movies and to honour the release of Ted on the 1st August, here are 9 more of the most unlikely friendships in movies.

- Ted

Ted and John are the two-some that just can’t seem to separate from each other, even when John is a 30-something grown man who is still afraid of thunderstorms.

His lack of career aspirations aggravates his long-term girlfriend but Ted and John just can’t seem to pry themselves away from the immature shenanigans they get themselves into.

- Shrek & Donkey (Shrek)

Donkey often annoys Shrek with his endless conversations and petty arguments but at the end of the day, they both seem to have each other’s best interests at heart and take each wild adventure together. As Donkey puts it, 'two heads are better than one.'

- Todd and Copper (The Fox and the Hound)

The 1981 film about innocence and youth is a heart-felt portrayal on what happens when opposites attract, but unfortunately aren’t destined to work out.

The Fox and the Hound depicts the friendships children form on the most innocent of intentions, before all the politics and peer pressure kicks-in.

Copper and Todd were destined to become mortal enemies and even their happiest moments together ended too quickly.

Their friendship was bittersweet but when push came to shove, these two friends proved they would still be there for the other in times of desperate need.

- Elliot and E.T. (E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial)

The very meaning and plot of E.T is the true definition of a friendship with someone who you couldn’t be more 'worlds apart' from.

Elliot took E.T home, but not before the extra terrestrial shared his wisdom with the young boy and his sister in a true friendship story.

- Jen/John and Marley (Marley & Me)

Dubbed 'the world’s worst dog', Marley spread havoc through Jen and John’s life. Although he never listened, chewed through anything he could fit his mouth on and profusely despised being on a leash, Marley was still utterly adorable and proved to be useful in times of need.

He was there through everything Jen and John went through and towards the end, they couldn’t imagine what it would be like without him.

Marley was just as part of the family as the children and he completed Jen and John’s lives. 'Sometimes it took a dog with bad breath, worse manners, and pure intentions to help us see'.

- Red and Andy The Shawshank Redemption)

Friendships can begin in the most unlikely of places. In Andy’s case, he didn’t expect to go through some of the worst things that an average prisoner goes through with a friend he could also call an ally.

After 40 years of being incarcerated, Red makes parole and Andy escapes in one of the best moments and twists in movie history. At the end of the film, they reunite on a beach in Mexico, where they begin their free lives together.

- Chuck and Wilson (Cast Away)

Chuck was stuck on a deserted island with only a volleyball for company. Using his imagination, he created a character and named it Wilson.

This ball was more than just a friend; Wilson kept Chuck with some level of sanity until that fateful day when Wilson floated away.

It shouldn’t have made the audience feel so much emotion for one small ball, but the 'friendship' Chuck and Wilson had was something no one else would understand.

- Sloth and Chunk (The Goonies)

After being tortured and tied up like some worthless enemy, Sloth found an ally in Chunk as they vowed to bring down the some-what mentally insane Fratellis.

Without Chunk, The Goonies wouldn’t have escaped with the treasure that changed their lives and 'Goonies never say die' would not have had much meaning.

Chunk and Sloth’s mutual adoration for the chocolate bar Baby Ruth led to them being the unlikely heroes.

- Turner & Hooch

Another friendship between man and dog makes its way to this list. Turner is grudgingly assigned a dog who makes Turner’s life hell. He howls at ridiculous times of the night, hates baths and assigned the police car as his own personal chew toy.

But what Turner didn’t know was how good of a partner and asset Hooch could be as he becomes Turner’s right hand man.

- Leon and Mathilda (Leon)

A 12 year old girl and a rough, lonely hit-man become friends in this most unlikely of films. After trying and failing to ditch Mathilda, Leon starts to mentor her in the ways of his 'profession'.

At times, you wonder if the girl harbours more than just father-like feelings for Leon, but the ending of the film sees their friendship as what it is; just two lonely people who found and lean on each other when they have no one else.

Ted is out now