War Horse

War Horse

You don’t see a Steven Spielberg directed project on the big screen for a few years and then a couple come along at once.

The Oscar winning director has enjoyed box office success this year with The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn but it is movie War Horse that I am excited to see.

Now this is going to be a movie where hankies are going to be required - I was nearly bawling like a baby from the trailer; god knows what state I will be in when I watch the full movie.

This movie is currently the early favourite to scoop the Best Picture Oscar and this doesn’t come as any surprise as the trailer has an epic feel about it - I feel that the movie is just going to blow everyone away.

The cast includes some experienced and really talented British stars including Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Thewlis, Emily Watson and Toby Kebbell.

But the movie will also introduce to the new talent of Jeremy Irvine, who takes on the central role of Albert; his biggest movie role to date.

Set against a sweeping canvas of rural England and Europe during the First World War, "War Horse" begins with the remarkable friendship between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert, who tames and trains him.

When they are forcefully parted, the film follows the extraordinary journey of the horse as he moves through the war, changing and inspiring the lives of all those he meets - British cavalry, German soldiers, and a French farmer and his granddaughter - before the story reaches its emotional climax in the heart of No Man's Land.

Any Spielberg movie is something to be excited about but the director has always delivered on his way projects - Schindler’s List & Saving Private Ryan being some of his best work.

And another war based project from the award winning filmmaker really is something to look forward to.

War Horse is released January 13th

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