Satisfy your horror hunger with Feed Me a wickedly warped, darkly disturbing, devilishly demented cannibal carve-up from writing–directing duo Richard Oakes and Adam Leader (Hosts). The film is set for its digital release on 13 November 2023 courtesy of Bingo Films following its award-winning festival run which saw it win Best Film at GrimmFest 2022 and four awards at British Horror Film Festival, including Best Actor and Best Director. 

Feed Me

Feed Me

Following the death of his wife, in the most tragic circumstances, Jed Freeman (Christopher Mulvin – Lore, Doctors) falls deep into depression, suffering hallucinations and night terrors. But a chance encounter with the larger-than-life Lionel Flack (Neal Ward – Hosts, Two Graves) leads to an appealing proposition to be freed from his grief forever… and the most brutal bromance imaginable.

Jed finds himself at the home and under the spell of Lionel – who convinces him to end his life in the most terrifying and unthinkable way – then things really turn ugly… The unhinged cannibal creates carnage on his quest to feast on flesh and will stop at nothing to satisfy his deranged desire for human consumption.

For a twisted, blood-soaked feast of gore, tuck into Feed Me.


Released On digital 13 November 2023