Fortunes Of War A British made movie with a contemporary take, continues the current run of  WWII genre movies from 101 Films set for release on digital.

Fortunes Of War

Fortunes Of War

Fortunes of War is a fantastically gripping, action-packed new British war film, from director Bill Thomas (The Three Musketeers, Lockdown Kings), who brings a brilliantly contemporary feel to the WWII film sphere. Written in collaboration with his brother Ian Thomas (The Bunker, Amnesia: Rebirth), the film is set to storm on to digital this February, courtesy of 101 Films.

When a covert raid in Normandy goes horribly wrong, a small team of British commandos are cut off from their comrades. Hunted by the Wehrmacht forces, they stumble across a ramshackle old farm deep in the forest, where they plan to lay low.

a still from Fortunes Of War from 101 films

There, they encounter a group of French labourers and almost spark another battle. Fortunately, they manage to convince the boss, an old man who says he’s taken over the disused barns to run his pottery business, to let them stay and get the food and medical care they need.

With the area crawling with Germans, the soldiers plan to leave the following morning... but as dawn breaks, they find themselves under attack again. Mounting a hasty defence, they battle hard, but their hope of escape is dashed with the arrival of more enemy troops.

With a heavily injured crew and the devastating losses mounting, the soldiers battle on. But when the battle slows they take shelter in the barn, where they stumble on a hidden basement and find a mountain of stolen gold and jewellery...

When an SS General arrives and whips his troops into action, the Brits are once again under attack. There seems to be no hope, but as they try to escape a surprise discovery changes everything.

The general holds a dark secret, that may just save their lives and transform their fortunes forever. Bank on Fortunes of War for an enthralling World War II battle-filled thriller.

Starring: James Oliver Wheatley (The Lost Pirate Kingdom) Sophie Craig (The Bay, Bulletproof),

What we thought:

Brilliant and enthralling WWII thriller with a teasing & surprising plot - not to be missed Femalefirst

Released on digital 19 February 2024

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