Beware the Heir Of The Witch a hauntingly gothic supernatural horror that marks the striking directorial debut of Victoria U Bell, who also penned the script and takes on the lead role in this epic tale rooted in folklore.



This chilling film is set to make its digital debut in the UK on 13 November 2023, courtesy of Miracle Media.

Anna (Victoria U Bell) is an underprivileged seamstress working in America, living with and caring for her bedridden aunt, Rosie (Vanessa Neff – Match Struck), but there’s more to Anna than meets the eye and she carries a dark secret that haunts her as she tries to find love and acceptance in high society...

Followed by a ghostly figure of a malevolent witch, Anna’s attempts to lead an everyday life become more difficult and when she starts to form relationships with those around her, things quickly turn from bad to worse.

As the witch gains more control over her life and begins to wreak bloody havoc in the community, can Anna escape her clutches?

Prepare yourself for a spine-tingling and profoundly eerie cinematic experience with this bewitching feature. Trailer

On UK digital 6th November from Miracle Media

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