Once again, this past week has been full of exciting movie-related news! From casting reveals, to filming soon to begin on a number of projects, and much more – here are some news stories you may have missed!

Picture Credit (l-r): Platinum Dunes, DC Comics, Columbia Pictures

Picture Credit (l-r): Platinum Dunes, DC Comics, Columbia Pictures

A new Jumanji film is in early development

While there is very little news surrounding this story, it does seem that there have been conversations about a new Jumanji movie, supposedly since 2020.

This new flick will be the third instalment in the modern trilogy and the fourth in the franchise overall.

The film’s returning director, Jake Kasdan, has stated that talks of a new film were happening before the pandemic hit. He also said that he hopes to get the movie going as soon as possible.

Many people assume a December 2021 release, due to the previous two films coming out in the same month of years gone by. Of course, with the world in the state it’s in, dates can change at any given moment, so we won’t be holding our breath.

Hugh Grant cast as Dungeons & Dragons villain

90s heartthrob Hugh Grant has been cast as the main villain for the new Dungeons and Dragons film set to release in 2022.

Grant has been cast alongside some fantastic names, such as Sophia Lillis, Chris Pine, and Michelle Rodriguez – all of whom you will probably recognise. Many of the roles for the stars seem uncertain at the moment, except Grant’s villainous one.

The plot is being kept tightly under wraps for now, but Grant’s casting seems to have piqued the interest of fans and non-fans alike!

With the 2000 Dungeons and Dragons film being an absolute disaster, fans are hoping for a better movie this time around – and here’s hoping they do a good job.

Black Adam producer confirms filming will begin in April

Producer Hiram Garcia has happily announced that filming on his new DC Extended Universe (DCEU) feature Black Adam will begin again in April 2021.

Many fans worried that the movie would not be made at all, due to lack of information surrounding the project – and of course the pandemic that halted production in the first place. However, this character will still be making his way to the big screen.

The announcement at last year’s (2020) DC FanDome elated fans as they heard Black Adam would definitely be making an appearance in the DCEU.

Played by Dwayne Johnson, the character was set to be involved in 2019’s Shazam!, but given Johnson’s popularity in the business, giving him his own film just made more sense.

Johnson’s Black Adam is set to be amazing as he really suits the ancient-Egyptian role; but will he pull off being an anti-hero?

Though there was an original release date set for December 2021, we’re now unsure if we’ll see the comic book character in action before the year's out.

A Quiet Place: Part II release date has been moved up

With so many films being pushed back and some projects being stopped altogether, A Quiet Place 2 is going against the flow and has actually moved up its release date.

The film was set to drop in March 2020, at the start of the pandemic. However, it had to be pushed back to due the spread of the virus across the globe.

We are now expecting to see the movie in cinemas on Memorial Day, which would be May 28th, 2021. The flick was intended to hit cinemas in September 2021 after the 2020 release faltered, but now it has been moved all the way up to May.

Directed by John Krasinski and starring his wife Emily Blunt, it seems the plot of A Quiet Place: Part II follows the Abbot family as they are forced to venture into new land. Much to their horror, they soon realise that the creatures who hunt by sound are not the only threat they will face.

With the amount of moving and changing this feature has done in terms of when the film will come out, those who loved the first instalment are thrilled to finally have a release date to look forward to.

Marvel are reportedly making an X-Men movie

Many, if not every single fan of the X-Men and Marvel films are dying for a crossover, or an introduction of the X-Men characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

However, so far the only mutant we’ve seen is Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool, who has not been in contact with any MCU character within his two movies.

Since Disney bought Fox in 2019, the MCU obtained the storylines and characters that are included in the X-Men franchise. It seems nothing has been done with this so far, though.

Marvel are now, supposedly, in the midst of creating a movie titled The Mutants, which seems to hint at the idea that they are doing an X-Men type get-up.

This title could change of course, but it still has many implications. One idea would be that the X-Men are still their own thing, but this new film may be a way to expand the idea of mutants and bring that into the MCU.

It could also be a way of rebranding the X-Men and creating a new image for those kinds of characters.

This wouldn’t be too crazy as there is a certain amount of brand damage associated with the franchise, especially after the failure of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants.

Marvel’s Blade is set to begin filming soon

Marvel Studio’s Blade, starring Mahershala Ali in the titular role, is set to begin filming in late 2021.

After almost two decades without seeing the character, originally played by Wesley Snipes in the trilogy of films, we are finally seeing a reboot of the ‘day-walker’.

Despite the news of this film being made in 2019, and Kevin Feige bringing Ali out on stage as a surprise cast reveal at San Diego Comic-Con, that’s all the announcements we’ve really had.

No other roles have been cast, there is no director either. All we know is that Ali is a great asset for the MCU to have in their arson, and fans are getting excited for the reboot, despite rumours that the film will not be R-rated like it’s predecessor.

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