J.J Abrams

J.J Abrams

J.J. Abrams has revealed that the original Star Trek TV series didn't give him a 'way in' to the show.

The director, who admitted being a bigger fan of The Twilight Zone told The Guardian: "Star Trek always felt like a silly, campy thing.

"I remember appreciating it, but feeling like I didn't get it. I felt it didn't give me a way in.

"There was a captain, there was this first officer, they were talking a lot about adventures and not having them as much as I would've liked. Maybe I wasn't smart enough, maybe I wasn't old enough."

"I didn't want to become a student of Star Trek. I felt that was actually one of the few advantages I had. I was trying to make a movie, not trying to make a Trek movie."

J.J. Abrams, the man behind Lost, has re-booted the Star Trek franchise, following in the footsteps of James Bond, going back to the very beginning.

With a whole new and young cast the Starship Enterprise is going to set off on it's maiden voyage.

Star Trek is released 8th May.

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