JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams is still interested in producing the nest Superman movie.

The Lost creator has been called on by the likes of Kevin Smith to be allowed to reboot the franchise after the 2006 movie Superman Returns enjoyed only mediocre success.

Speaking to MTV News the filmmaker said: "No-one has talked to me about it. Obviously, I'm sure Warner Brothers has a plan for what they want to do.

"Writing that script was a long process. It was a very passionate character for me. As a kid growing up it meant a lot to me. It would be wonderful and fun to see that brought back.

"I don't know what Warners is thinking or what their plan is. It would be a blast."

Abrams has enjoyed critical and commercial success this year when he took over the Star Trek franchise taking the story right back to the beginning.

The film followed a young Enterprise crew as they set out on their very first mission. The movie was a huge success grossing over $384 million at the box office and was met well by the critics.

A sequel is already believed to be in the pipeline.

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