Karl Urban

Karl Urban

Karl Urban has described working on the Star Trek movies as an 'honour'.

The actor is set to reprise the role of Bones next year when J.J. Abrams' second movie in the franchise hits the big screen.

Urban will be back as Bones and admits that he was a big fan of the original series and really wanted to do the character justice in the new movies.

Speaking to The Press Association the actor said: "I can't say anything about the upcoming film, but it's a huge honour to play Bones. It means a lot to me.

"I loved watching the character in the original series, so wonderfully created and executed by DeForest Kelley.

"As a long-term fan, I have a huge responsibility to do that character right."

Urban was back on the big screen over the weekend with his new movie Dredd as he took over the role of the iconic Judge Dredd - who we haven't see on the big screen since the mid-nineties.

He will also be returning to the Riddick franchise as he is set to reprise the role of Vaako alongside Vin Diesel.

Star Trek 2 is released 17th May.

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