Star Trek

Star Trek

J.J Abrams' new blockbuster Star Trek has been sent into space so the astronauts aboard the International Space Station could watch the movie.

The Times reported that the NASA crew spent hours reformatting the movie so they could catch a glimpse of the filmmaker's take on a sci-fi classic.

A statement by astronaut Michael Barratt read:  "[It] blended adventure, discovery, intelligence and storytelling that assumes a positive future for humanity.

"The International Space Station is a real step in that direction, with many nations sharing in an adventure the world can be proud of."

And it's not just NASA that approve of the movie, which sees the Enterprise set off on it's maiden voyage, as the film has dominated the global box office grossing over $215 million since it's release two weeks ago.

However the film had to give way to Angels & Demons, the second Dan Brown book to make it to the big screen, at the U.S box office this week.

But the movie looks set to make household names of it's young cast; including Chris Pine, Zachary Qunito and Zoe Saldana and a sequel is reportedly already in the pipeline.

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