J.J Abrams

J.J Abrams

J.J. Abrams has revealed that the plotline to the next Star Trek movie is wide open and could take the characters anywhere.

The popular sci-fi series returned to the big screen earlier this summer under the guidance of Lost creator J.J Abrams.

It was a reboot from the franchise going back to the beginning of the story and the maiden flight of the Starship Enterprise.

I an interview with SciFiWire he said: "The great thing is we're all open to anything. I think the fun of where we are with Trek is that it can and should just be fully explored.

"So I think to limit ourselves to only new adventures would be a mistake.

"But I also think we want to take advantage of this moment and figure out what's the most exciting version for the new audience as well."

The film has been a huge box office success grossing in excess of $365 million, a sequel was being talked about before it's release.

Screewriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman announced earlier this week that they were already discussing and debating the new plot.

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