Lee Suffered From Chicken Pox, Not Stage Fright.MY NAME IS EARL star JAIME PRESSLY mistook her co-star JASON LEE's chicken pox symptoms as a bad case of nerves at last month's (16JAN06) Golden Globe awards.Lee was feeling sick on the night, but the cast were convinced he was just nervous about his nomination in the Outstanding Performance By A Male Actor In A Comedy Series category.She explains, "We thought he was nervous, because we were all nominated for a Golden Globe award, but he was nominated individually."He was sweating and drinking everyone's water and he had a bad headache. We were like 'Jason, it's not that big a deal.' "Then two days later he showed up with chicken pox everywhere. The poor guy, when you get them as an adult, they are way more difficult to get over."They're very contagious, but luckily everyone in the cast and crew had already had them. He was the only one that hadn't had them as a kid."WILL & GRACE star SEAN HAYES took home the accolade.

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