Alexandra Daddario is to star in 'I Wish You All The Best'.

Alexandra Daddario will star in 'I Wish You All The Best'

Alexandra Daddario will star in 'I Wish You All The Best'

The 36-year-old actress is set to feature in the film that will mark the directorial debut of Tommy Dorfman.

The film is based on Mason Deaver's bestselling novel of the same name and Dorfman will both produce and write the screenplay.

The flick revolves around a non-binary teen who, after being kicked out of the house by the conservative parents, moves in with their estranged sister and embarks on a journey of self-discovery that teaches them about love, friendship and family.

ACE Entertainment acquired the feature rights to the project before it became widely available to buyers and Matt Kaplan will produce the movie for the company.

Alexandra previously explained how she finds acting "surreal" and "weird" at times but appreciates being "lost in the moment" when she is doing her job.

'The White Lotus' star explained: "Yeah, but I have that feeling on set, all the time. You'll do a scene where you're just like, 'Oh, my god, this is so surreal. I can't believe this is my job. This is such a weird thing to be doing.'

"It's a very weird thing to lose yourself, in a moment of intimacy, or you're screaming, or you're doing a scene where a car is crushing you, or something. I have all of these different memories of being on set and, all of a sudden, being like, 'This is so weird. What am I doing? This is a bizarre job that I have.' But I think that's just a sign that you separate yourself from your real life and you're lost in the moment, and that's a cool feeling."

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