Christopher Nolan has constantly had to adapt as a filmmaker.

Christopher Nolan has never made long-term plans as a director

Christopher Nolan has never made long-term plans as a director

The 53-year-old director has helmed successful blockbusters including 'Inception' and 'Oppenheimer' but explained that he has never worked on any of the ideas he had growing up because of the ever-changing nature of the movie industry.

In an interview with Empire magazine, Nolan said: "As a young man, I had a list of, however many I'd worked out, 12 or 13 films... I had a lot of ideas and a lot of very specific things that I was going to do. And I look back and I haven't done any of them; they all changed.

"When you plan ahead too far in the movie business, you're not taking into account the shifting sands of culture under your feet... (Cinema) evolves. And part of your job as a filmmaker is to be open to being part of that evolution."

However, Nolan insists that he is grateful to have been able to change his plans.

The filmmaker said: "That's been tremendous fun. It would have been very boring to have done things exactly the way I thought I was going to do them."

Nolan has helmed some huge projects as a result of his reputation as a director but explained that he does his best to maintain an intimate style of working – which was showcased on the epic 'Oppenheimer'.

The 'Dark Knight' helmer explained: "Over the years we've found ways to work with people who understand that we want to use that machine in a very nimble way.

"'Oppenheimer' was one of the best experiences we had like that, because we made that film very, very quickly. It had a very large cast, a lot of ambition, but we really powered through and did it in a really spontaneous manner."

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