Courteney Cox returned for a fifth stint as Gale Weathers in 2022's Scream / Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures
Courteney Cox returned for a fifth stint as Gale Weathers in 2022's Scream / Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures

Courteney Cox is perhaps one of the most versatile actresses of this generation. Whether she's playing comedic roles, serving professionalism in the latest drama or, tackling Ghostface in Scream, she steals the spotlight in many of the scenes she's a part of.

It's that role in the classic horror series, where she plays fan-favourite Gale Weathers, which has resonated with countless fans across the globe.

Of course, with every role comes a challenge and, in the Scream franchise, it appears that the stunts at the end of the movies were some of the most difficult times Cox has faced on a set.

Speaking with Sean Evans on the First We Feast YouTube channel, Cox was asked about the infamous 'longest night in horror history', in which a 42-minute party scene at the end of the original Scream took 21 full days to complete. Delving into that, she opened up about how she now feels each of the stunts she engages in, especially when compared to her younger years.

She explained: "Oh yeah, it’s hard. You do all those stunts and you have blood and it's sticky and, anyway yes, it's really hard to do the finales of these. It’s so intense and I remember being younger doing that and I was doing all my stunts and it was no big deal and I thought I could do it again, and I did, but I was paying for it for sure."

Despite all of that, it's clear that the passion and love for the Scream series and the character of Gale is one that keeps Cox coming back. She's had plenty of opportunity to refuse making a comeback, especially since Scream 4 and this year's Scream were filmed so long after the original trilogy, but the films hold a place in the star's heart.

With a sixth instalment already confirmed to film this summer in Canada, we'll surely be watching Cox on the big screen as Weathers once more, whether she's once again in an integral role or, appearing in a stripped-back manner to help pave the way for the next generation of horror icons.

Cox is undoubtedly a showstopper. Seeing her thrive through a number of decades and break the trend of women losing out on big roles due to their age in later life has been nothing short of a thrilling thing to watch.

Having been a fan of the star ever since I was young and, even crediting her role as Gale Weathers as one that encouraged me to get into journalism (albeit a little differently than the once super selfish star), she's someone who I will always support.

Knowing that she gives her all to my favourite horror series in Scream just adds to her brilliance.

Scream (2022) is available now for purchase on digital, with the 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD editions of the film set to release on April 5th, 2022.

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