Da'Vine Joy Randolph has joined the cast of 'Eternity'.

Da'Vine Joy Randolph will feature in Eternity

Da'Vine Joy Randolph will feature in Eternity

The 38-year-old star will appear in the romantic comedy alongside Miles Teller, Elizabeth Olsen and Callum Turner.

The plot of the film is being kept under wraps but it has been described as a rom-com in which the characters must decide who they wish to spend eternity with.

David Freyne is directing the flick from a script by Patrick Cunnane while Olson and Teller are serving as executive producers on the movie that will begin production this summer.

Randolph won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her depiction of the grieving mother Mary Lamb in 'The Holdovers' and is hoping that her triumph allows her to "infiltrate" areas in the film industry where minorities are not typically represented.

The 'Rustin' star told Variety: "I don't just want to do black movies. I will always pay tribute to, honour, uplift and be a part of black storytelling, but I need to infiltrate and get in the spaces where we're not.

"I want to be in a Wes Anderson movie just 'cause. I want to be in a David O. Russell movie just 'cause. Coen brothers. I've never seen us there.

"Because that's when I think we can really bring about educating and creating real change. If we just stay by ourselves, nothing is going to change."

She also insisted that she will not "change" as a person despite her Academy Awards success.

Asked the difference between her now and before her Oscar win, she said: "There isn’t one. There’s a trophy in my house now, but I’m not different. You can’t come from Philadelphia and be changed; they won’t let you. This will be who I am.

"The roles will get better, the money will improve, the lines will get better. I hope to make a legacy and leave an imprint with this career. I hope my work will matter, and it will be something that people of all shapes, sizes, colours, creeds and genders can connect to.

"But me, and the soul of me, won’t change."