Elon Musk is "glad" Darren Aronofsky is directing his biopic.

An Elon Musk biopic is in the works

An Elon Musk biopic is in the works

It has been revealed a film based on Walter Isaacson's recent authorised biography of the Tesla boss is in the works at A24 following a bidding war, and the 'Whale' filmmaker will direct and produce via his Protozoa Pictures banner, much to the delight of the 52-year-old SpaceX founder.

Elon wrote on X, formerly Twitter: "Glad Darren is doing it. He is one of the best."

Walter's book, which was simply titled 'Elon Musk', was written after the author spent two years shadowing the billionaire and interviewing him, his family, friends and colleagues.

And the tome turned out "more exciting" than the writer had originally envisaged.

Speaking to the New Orleans' Times-Picayune, Walter previously said: “He has a lot of fans and a lot of enemies, and my book tries to tell a straightforward narrative...

“I thought it was going to be more about rocket ships and electric cars. It became a more exciting ride.”

As well as his business ventures, the book also examined Elon's personal life, including being a father of 11 children with three women.

Shivon Zilis, who has two-year-old twins Strider and Azure, with the X owner, told the author she was only too happy to have children with the business mogul.

She said in the book: “[Elon] really wants smart people to have kids, so he encouraged me to do this. I can’t possibly think of genes I would prefer for my children."

But Grimes - the mother of three-year-old X, 23-month-old Exa, aka Y, and Tau, who was born last year - branded her on/off partner "clueless" when she discovered he had sent photos of her undergoing a caesarean section to their family members, including her father and brothers.

She said in the book: "He was just clueless about why I'd be upset."

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