Emma Corrin says 'Deadpool and Wolverine' sees the titular characters expose their "deep, deep feelings".

Emma Corrin has teased emotions run deep in Deadpool and Wolverine

Emma Corrin has teased emotions run deep in Deadpool and Wolverine

The 28-year-old star plays psychic Cassandra Nova in the third movie in the blockbuster 'Deadpool' series and compared the emotional scenes in the upcoming Marvel flick to 2017's 'Logan', which was going to be Hugh Jackman's last time portraying Wolverine.

They told Entertainment Weekly: "You really see the switch, which I really appreciated in Logan.

It's big, deep, deep feelings in these characters and their values and what they go through and their traumas. I was like, 'Wow! There's a whole universe here that has come before and a universe that will come after.'"

Emma says Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and director Shawn Levy wanted their villain to convince the audience Cassandra isn't about to kill someone before doing the deed.

They explained: "Ryan and Shawn [Levy, director] pitched this idea, which I was totally on board with: 'We want this villain to not be a villain in the sense that you expect them to be. We want you to be so endeared by her, so charmed by her, and just when you think that maybe she's totally seen into your soul and you are going to be best friends for life, you're dead.'"

The 'Crown' star couldn't believe it when they got a text from Ryan asking them to be part of the film.

They said: "I think I'm going to frame it.

"I was watching TV with my flatmates quietly at night and just got a buzz on my phone. I screamed. It was a mad, mad text to get."

Praising the 'Proposal' star, they added: "Ryan's one of the most generous people in terms of the way he observes you.

"He's very considerate."

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