Florence Pugh thinks it's "virtually impossible" to find an actress who hasn't been asked to lose weight for a role.

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh

The 'Little Drummer Girl' star was told to shed the pounds when she first tried to find work in Hollywood and she admitted she finds the movie industry "scary" because of the ways "lines can get crossed".

She said: "It would be virtually impossible to find someone who hasn't been asked to [lose weight]. Part of what's so scary is that in this industry you are expected to play dress up and so many lines can get crossed if you're in the wrong hands."

But despite her demoralising experience, Florence learned a lot from her stint in the US.

She explained: "I came away knowing exactly what work I did and didn't want to do and that was a big, grown-up realisation."

The 22-year-old actress has no interest in poorly-written female roles of little substance

She said: "I can't stand characters who don't know what they're doing or why they're there - if they're just on their husband's arm, it kills me."

Florence also found working on 'King Lear' alongside Dame Emma Thompson and Emily Watson "empowering".

She recalled: "During the Me Too breakthrough, I was hanging out with Emma Thompson and Emily Watson - two people I've looked up to my entire life. Talking to those women was so empowering."

When it comes to her work, Florence looks for something familiar in the characters she plays.

She explained: "I always try to find something of my family or friends in a character because that's how I get to know her."