Florence Pugh "fell in love" with doing action scenes while filming 'Fighting With My Family'.

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh

The 'Black Widow' actress has revealed she felt prepared when it came to shooting the intense on-screen scraps with Scarlett Johansson because she'd had plenty of experience in the wrestling biopic based on the early career of WWE superstar Paige.

Asked how she found the fight sequences for the new Marvel blockbuster, she said: "Amazing. So, I love the stunts to this.

"It’s probably my favourite part to this role and I fell in love with kind of like movement and action and stunts when I did a wrestling film, 'Fighting with My Family', so coming onto this I knew that it was intimidating, but I really enjoy it, and actually the stunt team are so excited when you want to do more.

"They really, really want you to do as much as possible."

The AGE-year-old star admitted she almost immediately went into training for 'Black Widow' to make sure she was on form.

She added: "Within the first two weeks of getting the job I was in the warehouse learning how to, you know, kick from one of the best kickboxers around and it’s amazing how much they want you to enjoy and do and they will create fights that you are capable of doing if you’re up for it and that was so exciting.

"I mean, yeah, I’ve always thought that it was a much bigger picture and actually to be in there and really shoving Scarlett Johansson against the kitchen counter was the first day I got to working with her and we’d actually not met previous.

"It was like, 'Hi, I’m going to beat you now,' but it was great and we fell in love during that fight because it was just so messy and it was cool."

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