This year (2022) has a lot to offer in relation to movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is taking the cinematic world by storm, but there are plenty of other genres making waves, including comedy. 

Emma Thompson (Love Actually, Cruella) and Daryl McCormack (Netflix’s Peaky Blinders) star together in forthcoming comedy, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, an uplifting feature about a woman seeking a thrill or two, but gets more than she bargained for. 

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande follows Nancy Stokes (Thompson), a retired school teacher and unfortunate widow. She craves adventure, fun, a bit of human contact, and sex (good sex, mind you). 

While her late husband gave her a home, a family, and something that Nancy would consider a decent life, good, noteworthy sex was never on the table. However, her husband is gone, and Nancy has crafted a plan. 

Daryl McCormack and Emma Thompson in Good Luck to You, Leo Grande / Picture Credit: Lionsgate
Daryl McCormack and Emma Thompson in Good Luck to You, Leo Grande / Picture Credit: Lionsgate

She finds adventure with a sex worker named Leo (McCormack); they meet in an anonymous hotel room, and while Nancy thinks he looks even better than his photos, what she didn’t expect was good conversation, in addition to great sex. 

Leo seems to have a view and opinion on absolutely everything, and while he may not tell the truth at every turn, Nancy surprises herself and realises that she likes Leo, and he likes her. 

Nancy’s sexual confidence grows and grows, letting her relax a little. Over the course of three meetings, the dynamics shift between the pair, and the masks they appear to hide behind start to slip... 

The trailer for Good Luck to You, Leo Grande shows just how sexually deprived Nancy is, as one of the first things she says is “I’ve never had an orgasm”, while telling Leo that he will be the second man she’s ever slept with. 

We see the pair connect in more ways than one, and Nancy’s smile only gets bigger when Leo is around. They seem to be a wonderful couple, but will they part ways, or give their could-be relationship a shot? 

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande will be in cinemas on June 17th, 2022. 

While romances aren’t usually my thing, this feature has actually caught my attention. 

I love Emma Thompson, and she seems absolutely perfect for this role, as does her co-star, Daryl McCormack. They seem so in sync, which always translates beautifully on screen. 

I adore the fact that this is a sex-positive comedy, seemingly with a lot of heart and humour –the perfect combination. Sex is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, and this movie may just prove that to be true. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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