Harrison Ford is reported to have paid for a fancy wrap party for 'Indiana Jones 5'.

Harrison Ford foots bill for unofficial Indiana Jones 5 wrap party

Harrison Ford foots bill for unofficial Indiana Jones 5 wrap party

The Hollywood legend, who isn't believed to have been in attendance himself, invited the crew down to the Bike Shed eatery in Shoreditch, East London, at the weekend, for “a very unofficial goodbye to Indy V.”

A flyer for the celebration was circulated to staff with Harrison in his Indiana getup, and the 79-year-old allegedly footed the bill - with no expenses spared.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “There wasn’t an official bash arranged so Harrison happily paid for one himself which went down a storm with everyone associated with the movie, as you can imagine.”

The generous gesture comes after Harrison helped save a crew member who had a suspected heart attack on set.

The 'Star Wars' legend was working on final scenes for the upcoming fifth film in the blockbuster franchise when the man collapsed, and he was quick to jump into action and yell for a medic.

As reported by The Sun newspaper, he shouted: "Get me a medic quick!"

An insider said: "They’ve been at Pinewood and are due to finish Friday. All of a sudden a male member of crew collapsed.

"Harrison was standing just yards away and yelled for a medic. There was a huge amount of panic.

"The on-site first aider did CPR while they waited for an air ambulance and paramedics to arrive.”

The new film is set to be released in June 2023, following a number of delays, having originally been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last summer, it was put back after Harrison suffered a shoulder injury, and filmmaker Steven Spielberg - who has been replaced as director by James Mangold while still serving as a producer - previously called himself "an idiot" for letting Harrison do his own stunts, and recalled one in 1981's 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' in particular.

That stunt saw Harrison chased by a huge boulder and Spielberg admitted he was "lucky" to come out of the shoot unscathed.

He said: "There were five shots of the rock from five different angles — each one done separately, each one done twice — so Harrison had to race the rock 10 times.

"He won 10 times — and beat the odds.

"He was lucky — and I was an idiot for letting him try it.”

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