Idris Elba is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors; he has appeared in many popular movies, and now, the actor is returning to the thriller genre as he battles a beast in the heart of South Africa. 

Idris Elba as Dr. Nate Samuels in Beast / Picture Credit: Universal Pictures

Idris Elba as Dr. Nate Samuels in Beast / Picture Credit: Universal Pictures

Beast is Elba’s newest project, a forthcoming thriller that places the actor in one of the many places human beings shouldn’t go: a lion’s territory. 

An image was revealed yesterday (May 24th, 2022) which shows Elba as his character, Dr. Nate Daniels, who looks concerned as he looks offscreen, presumably watching out for the beat that lies in wait. 

Nate is a recent widower who takes his two daughters to a game reserve, owned by a friend of his, only to become face-to-face with a bloodthirsty lion that the film is undoubtably named after. 

The image shows Elba with a huge wound on his left shoulder in the shape of claw marks; it seems that the beat has gotten to him, and his expression perfectly shows just how worried one should be when attacked by an animal that can weigh between 330 and 570 pounds.

The first-look photo also shows Elba using the radio in his car, most likely calling for help. If you’ve seen a horror movie or a thriller before, then you may make the assumption that Elba’s call will either bring rescuers who will end up mauled, or his call won’t go through at all, leaving himself and his daughters in severe danger. 

The car Elba is standing next to also has a large crack in the window, suggesting that the beast has made a play for the vehicle, and attacked. The damage suggests that Samuels and his children have a massive problem on their hands, literally.

Elba seems perfect for this role, as his ability to both command authority and retain a peaceful composure is incredible, which is what his character may need. 

The actor has starred in films such as Pacific Rim (2013) and 2021’s The Suicide Squad, as well as the popular BBC show Luthor, which is getting a feature film either this year (2022) or next year (2023). He also voiced Knuckles in this year’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Elba has a wide range of talent, which makes the release of Beast all the more exciting, as a gory, thrilling monster movie is something almost everyone will enjoy. 

Beast will release on August 26th, 2022 in the UK. 

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