David S. Goyer was "very depressed" after making 'Blade: Trinity'.

David S. Goyer hated working on 'Blade: Trinity'

David S. Goyer hated working on 'Blade: Trinity'

The 57-year-old filmmaker helmed the troubled 2004 superhero movie - where it was alleged that lead star Wesley Snipes refused to come out of his trailer and communicate with cast and crew – and has given an insight into the traumatic experience of making the film that was met with poor reviews from critics.

Speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, David said: "It was an incredibly fraught experience, it was personally very difficult. I was very depressed afterwards."

The 'Man of Steel' writer did praise Wesley as "one of the greatest actors of the current generation" and felt that his tax troubles played a part in his conduct on set.

Goyer said: "Despite all of that I still think Wesley is one of the greatest actors of the current generation and it's a tragedy that he's not acting as much as – I mean the guy is brilliant but he was going through a lot of trouble at the time.

"All that tax stuff was happening right as we started and in fact on our first day of filming there was this whole kerfuffle because the IRS had withheld a bunch of his money and this was all going on in the background and it was... that's kind of all I'll say about it for now but it was a mess."

Goyer – who had written the screenplays for the previous two 'Blade' movies – previously described the third picture as a "tortured production".

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "I don't think anyone involved in that film had a good experience on that film, certainly I didn't. I don't think anybody involved with that film is happy with the results. It was a very tortured production."