Jack Lowden bulked up for his role as a wrestler in 'Fighting With My Family' by scoffing loads of Marks & Spencer meal deals.

Jack Lowden and Florence Pugh in Fighting With My Family

Jack Lowden and Florence Pugh in Fighting With My Family

The 28-year-old actor plays professional wrestler Zak 'Zodiac' Bevis in the new sports comedy-drama film which follows Zak and his sister Saraya Bevis - better known as Paige - as they attempt to make it as Superstars in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Jack had to slip into some wrestling gear and shoot some in-ring scenes for the film and to help him build some bulk and muscle mass he ate "loads and loads of sushi" and was a big fan of the "thrifty" deals on packs of chicken at Marks & Spencer.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the UK premiere of the film at the BFI Southbank in London on Monday night (25.02.19), he said: "Loads and loads of sushi I was big on the three for one Marks and Spencer thing on packs of chicken it was three for seven quid so I was big on that, thrifty. Then, they were called like Nutri-Balls or some s**t but they had like 20 grams of protein in but they're like little balls ... they were great."

'Fighting with My Family' tells the story of Paige (Florence Pugh) and her brother Zak who, born into a tight-knit wrestling family, get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try out for the WWE, however, only Paige earns a spot in the competitive training programme.

The 'Mary Queen of Scots' star went on to insist that it was "brilliant" playing Zac and claimed that although it was a "stretch and a challenge" portraying the wrestler - he felt more honoured to play Zac than "anybody I've ever played" because he is a real-life person.

He said: "It was brilliant, I've played a few real people but to play Zac specifically was amazing he is a lot of things I don't have that he has.

"And so it was a stretch and a challenge and he's a remarkable human being so the complete honour to play him more than anybody I've ever played."

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