Jeffrey Wright has only had "conversations" about a spin-off to 'The Batman'.

Jeffrey Wright has discussed a spin-off to 'The Batman'

Jeffrey Wright has discussed a spin-off to 'The Batman'

The 56-year-old actor plays Gotham City Police officer James Gordon in the new superhero blockbuster and admits that he hasn't considered reprising the role in a Gotham PD spin-off series for streaming service HBO Max.

Jeffrey told "Those surfaces haven't been scratched too deeply on my end, either particularly because what I'm really focused on is getting this film out first.

"Let's get this one out before we start considering other things. I mean, I haven't given it any thought."

Wright added: "There have been some conversations about it."

The actor is no stranger to big franchises after playing Dr. Felix Leiter in the James Bond series and he revealed that he loves the passion that fans show towards the characters.

Jeffrey said: "What I love about these characters and this franchise is that, and I've been in some big franchises, you know, just did the latest Bond, did a couple of those 'Hunger Games'... The passion for these films, the Batman films and the comics, is like nothing else I've ever experienced as an actor."

The 'Westworld' actor also explained how fans provided their own story suggestions for movies such as 'The Batman'.

He said: "What I love, and we experienced this with 'Westworld' too, is that fans are writers of these pieces as well.

"And whole narratives about the direction of the film, and the nature of the characters, and the nature of the characters, and backstories, that I think are legitimate as anything that's written, you know, in the comics or on a film script.

"So, I know that people have their imaginings about, you know, all these other things. Those are legitimate, but yeah, let's just get this first one out. Let's just get this film out."

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