Mark Wahlberg is interested in making movies that appeal to families.

Mark Wahlberg makes movies that will appeal to younger viewers

Mark Wahlberg makes movies that will appeal to younger viewers

The 52-year-old actor has appeared in R-rated pictures such as 'Boogie Nights' and 'Ted' during his career but is now looking to do work that will impress his offspring.

Mark – who has Ella, 20, Michael, 17, Brendan, 15 and Grace, 14, with his wife Rhea Durham – told Yahoo Entertainment: "You know, I do enjoy doing things that the whole entire family can see.

"Look, I’m 52 years old now. I’m a dad of four. I’ve got a kid in college. I like playing age-appropriate roles. I think a lot of people don’t embrace that and audiences are like — this doesn’t seem real."

'The Departed' actor explained that audiences want to see "the guy and the gal being in the same age bracket" and targets "believable and realistic" flicks.

Wahlberg said: "There's many different things that I think audiences frown upon and I want to do things that are believable and realistic.

"Listen, if the right script comes, I don't rule anything out."

Mark's latest role is as adventure racer Michael Light in the flick 'Arthur the King', which is based on Mikael Lindnord's journey through Ecuador in the 2014 Adventure Racing World Championship when his team was accompanied by a stray dog called Arthur, and he explained the unique preparation process for the project.

He said: "Look, it's not any type of bodybuilding contest out there. It's who can suffer the most and who can have the most mental fortitude and toughness.

"When I was doing it, it felt like I could actually be the part until day one when I tore my meniscus and all that went out the window."