Ray Liotta's "powerful" final scene in 'Dangerous Waters' blew the cast and crew away.

Ray Liotta has a fitting farewell in 'Dangerous Waters'

Ray Liotta has a fitting farewell in 'Dangerous Waters'

The 'Goodfellas' star – who died aged 67 while the picture was being filmed in the Dominican Republic in May last year – epic performance in his closing scene as The Captain left a lasting impression on director John Barr.

The filmmaker told MovieWeb: "What he achieves in a six-or-seven-minute span is just art.

"The arc that he goes through, from innocent to terrifying, it's so powerful and it's a testament to how incredible he was as an actor."

The scene captures Liotta's character's shift from good to evil and was filmed several times as a result. Barr was left astounded at how the 'Field of Dreams' actor would become more and more formidable with each take.

He explained: "The way that we played that scene was really interesting, because we talked about it a lot, and we basically played the scene in those various tones multiple times, like innocent throughout the whole take, and then just slowly, gradually got darker and darker to where it ended up.

"So, we could choose when we were editing where he wanted the turn to start to happen. I think he was just unafraid. He would just go darker and darker. It was super impressive to watch."

Ray's co-star Odeya Rush explained how everybody on the picture was determined to finish the project in honour of the late actor and how he gave her lots to explore with his performance in the last scene.

The 26-year-old actress said: "We took an entire day to do that scene. And I think the scene just got better and better as it went on. I feel like everything he brought, I was just absorbing that and reacting to that."

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